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Swim and bike training for triathlon has been tricky because of weather conditions but how much of success in our goals is based in our mental miles and our courage? Courage, like muscle, is strengthened by use and courage can be developed in any conditions.

Courage allows you to step outside your comfort zone and face your fears head on. There have been many times my courage has been tested in my training in the last year but most notably was my winter munro climb on Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin. This involved a grade 1 climb, not much to expert climbers of course but for a novice like me it was definitely out of my comfort zone!

At one point on the climb, fatigued from miles of snow walking my crampons sliding and not gripping, well my mind started to go to negative places. But then I told myself that there will be low points in the triathlon and that I will just have to find the courage to dig deep and keep going. I completed the climb and summited the second Munro.

Trusting you can handle whatever life throws your way is key to challenging yourself to try hard things. We’ve all been forced to face fears in the last year and been pushed outside of our comfort zones time and time again. We’ve been developing courage perhaps without even realising it. If your physical miles haven’t been up to scratch, start counting those mental miles and make them count.

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