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What is Kelly's Core Fitness?

Kelly's Core Fitness offers specialist Strength and Conditioning coaching to individual youth and adult athletes as well as sport teams


There is an increasing awareness of the value Strength and Conditioning training brings to youth sport as well as the adult population. It's about performance but also making athletes robust enough to prevent injuries and ensure they have a long and healthy sporting journey


Strength and conditioning coaching is limited in youth sport and my programmes have proven results 

One to One fitness and Strength and Conditioning coaching are booked on an individual basis.

One to One training sessions can now be held in Stirling County Rugby gym complimenting my role strength and conditioning coaching their Womens' winning team! Please ask if this is of interest to you.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kelly, a dedicated Strength and Conditioning coach with a passion for nurturing the potential within teams and individuals. With a focus on professionalism and a commitment to your growth, here's a glimpse into my journey:


Expertise Across All Ages and Levels

My coaching journey spans across youth and adult teams, as well as personalised one-on-one coaching experiences. This diverse range of coaching exposure has equipped me with the tools to tailor my approach to your unique needs.


Championing Competitive Excellence

My journey in competitive sports, including running, triathlon, and Hyrox, has been a defining aspect of my career. Notably, I proudly qualified for the Hyrox World Championship in women's doubles and represented Great Britain in my age category. This experience has instilled in me a deep understanding of the commitment and dedication required for success.


Martial Arts Mastery

Over several years, I diligently trained in Krav Maga, ultimately attaining an instructor level. This martial arts journey has reinforced the importance of discipline, confidence, and holistic well-being, all of which I integrate into my coaching philosophy.


Holistic Approach with a Nursing Background

My educational background includes a First-Class Honours Degree in Nursing from Edinburgh University. This background fosters a holistic and caring approach in my coaching, particularly when working with young athletes. Your well-being and progress are at the forefront of my coaching ethos.


Your Path to Excellence

My ultimate goal is to empower you to become the best version of yourself. With my experience, professionalism, and a genuine desire to guide you on your competitive journey, together, we can achieve your goals and unlock your true potential.


Join me in this transformative journey, and together, we'll work towards achieving greatness. Your success is my priority, and I can't wait to help you reach new heights.

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Coaches feedback following a youth session

These are brilliant improvements.

Well done Kelly.

The kids were in good form tonight when I popped in.

Child A said the session was really good. Horizontal jump probably a good gauge of how explosive they are off the blocks.

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Coaches feedback following a youth session

Well done Kelly.

You've done a great job at the Otters this padst year, achieving great results with the kids but also making it good fun.


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